• Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy

    We will introduce a new process for handling disputes for .ie domain names on 1 July 2019. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy (ADRP) will offer an easier and more affordable option for disputing a .ie domain registration.

    Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy
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  • .ie Domain Profile Report 2018

    We’ve published the .ie Domain Profile Report 2018, which examines the make up of the .ie domain database.

    2018 was record-breaking for .ie. 51,040 new .ie domains were registered – almost 140 a day.

    .ie Domain Profile Report 2018
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  • Internet Day 2018

    We launched the ‘Digital Town’ initiative to highlight the benefits and possibilities of the internet and celebrate the digital achievements of a local town.

    Celebrations were held in Gorey, Co. Wexford – our Digital Town 2018.

    Internet Day 2018
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  • Digital trends in Ireland 2018

    To mark Internet Day, we published new research on the attitudes to and use of internet technology and digital behaviour in Ireland.

    Online dating, Bitcoin and diet tracking—Ireland’s digital habits revealed.

    Digital trends in Ireland 2018
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  • SME Digital Health Index 2018

    The SME Digital Health Index 2018 analyses SMEs’ usage & attitudes towards digital assets.

    Results are intriguing: more SMEs have digital assets than ever before but e-commerce adoption is low.

    SME Digital Health Index 2018
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  • It’s now easier and faster to get a .ie online address

    New customers only need to send one document proving a connection to Ireland.

    Returning customers can avail of Fastpass and do not need to re-submit any documents whatsover.

    It’s now easier and faster to get a .ie online address
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