• EU General Data Protection Regulation

    Processing your personal information comes with significant responsibilities on our part.

    Find out how we are preparing for GDPR.

    EU General Data Protection Regulation
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  • Value of a website

    Getting online is a crucial part of growing your business.

    78% of SMEs said their website was important in generating new business and sales. See our research findings on the value of a website for your business.

    Value of a website
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  • Liberalisation policy goes live

    The rules for registering .ie online addresses have changed.

    The need to provide a claim to the name has been removed, but proof of your connection to Ireland is still required.

    Liberalisation policy goes live
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  • Registering your .ie online address

    It’s never been easier and faster to register a .ie online address.

    Read our short guide on why you should choose a .ie and how to register one.

    Registering your .ie online address
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  • Be identifiably Irish

    .ie is the official internet country code for Ireland and the only online address that is 100% Irish.

    A .ie tells the global community that you are Irish and the Irish community that you are local.

    Be identifiably Irish
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  • It’s now easier and faster to get a .ie online address

    New customers only need to send one document proving a connection to Ireland.

    Returning customers can avail of Fastpass and do not need to re-submit any documents whatsover.

    It’s now easier and faster to get a .ie online address
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