15 Companies Receive Funding from IEDR’s OPTIMISE Fund

by Donal O Nuallain
26 Sep 2012
1 minutes to read

The IE Domain Registry (IEDR), the managed registry for Ireland’s official Internet address .ie, today announced fifteen recipients of the company’s OPTIMISE 2012 Fund. The OPTIMISE e-Commerce Website Development Fund was launched last year to raise awareness of low levels of e-commerce activity by Irish SMEs and micro-enterprises and to provide practical assistance to a targeted number of companies to upgrade their online presence and grow their business using the Internet as a sales channel.

Following the launch of the 2012 OPTIMISE Fund, the IEDR, on reviewing the applications, decided to provide additional funding to a further five participants bringing to 15 the number of companies who will benefit from this year’s scheme.

Each of the 15 winners will be provided with practical assistance to begin the process of upgrading their existing online presence to fully featured websites which incorporate e-commerce functionality and other facilities designed to support business development. Recipients of funding from the scheme will be better placed to harness the potential of the Internet as a 24 hour sales and marketing channel and gain a competitive advantage.

The 15 recipients will each receive up to 11 days’ professional technical and marketing support which will allow them to plan and execute a major e-commerce upgrade. They are comprised of both start-up and established businesses in a diverse range of business sectors:

Recipient Business Activity
Catering Equipmentwww.cateringequipment.ie Family business based in Waterford who provide equipment for the catering, bar and refrigeration sectors.
IFA Telecom Ltd.www.ifa-ms.ie   Offers products and services such as IT equipment, broadband and mobile phone packages to rural-agri communities and members of the Irish Farmers’ Association.
Waterford Technologieswww.waterfordtechnologies.ie   Provide a data management solution which focuses on the effective management of email and file data to allow organisations to make technical & financial savings while also enabling them to retrieve data for legal/HR/FOI purposes.
Tour Americawww.touramerica.ie Ireland’s leading North America tour operator providing value holidays to the U.S. for Irish consumers.
Parade Ringwww.paradering.ie   An online catalogue for buying and selling thoroughbred racehorses. It helps breeders and trainers buy and sell racehorses in a cost effective and time efficient manner.
Just Dancewww.justdance.ie   For over 10 years they have provided a range of dance and fitness courses to adults of all ages and abilities throughout Leinster.
Project 51www.project51.ie Dublin based Irish Design Collective which provides a place to work and sell their products to 22 Irish designers in areas such as fashion, jewellery, millenery, accessories and furniture.
Rossmore Furniturewww.furniturefair.ie Monaghan based custom made furniture manufacturer that has been in business for over 50 years.
Gaga Baby Ltdwww.gagababy.ie   Dublin based family-run business which provides baby-wear and gifts based on Irish sporting themes.
Doolin Cavewww.doolincave.ie   Containing one of the largest stalactites in the Northern Hemisphere, Doolin Cave is a tourist attraction which has been in operation since 2006.
Oideas Gaelwww.oideasgael.ie Donegal based educational company offering courses in the Irish language and culture. Their cultural activity holiday courses include hillwalking, dancing, painting, knitting & weaving, and learning to play the bodhrán.
OPTICKS SB Ltdwww.opticks.ie High quality opticians with two branches in Dublin. Established in 2010 they focus on the quality of the eye test, lenses and the services provided.
Morris Oil Co. Ltd.www.morrisoil.ie Suppliers of oil to Home Heating oil market & Agricultural markets in South East of Ireland & in Cork.
Sheridan Insurances Ltd.www.sheridan.ie Wexford based firm, providing insurance and Financial Services to over 15,000 clients across the South East.
Digital Business Services Ltd.www.dbsl.ie Established in 1998 DBSL provides high quality printing in both large and small formats, and installation services.

Congratulating the fifteen recipients, Mr. David Curtin, Chief Executive of the IE Domain Registry, said: “The IEDR is really pleased to play a role in raising awareness of the benefits to Irish SMEs of harnessing the full potential of the internet as a sales channel through the OPTIMISE programme. To date Irish companies have been slow to use websites to promote their businesses with only a tiny percentage of companies having the ability to sell their services using an online portal. Our most recent research found that just 66% of Irish businesses and only 14% of Irish companies using the Internet as an sales channel with full transactional capability. Ireland has a terrific brand in the .ie domain name and it’s imperative that Irish businesses use it to fulfil their potential online. The feedback from the 10 companies who have now been through the first year of the programme showed both the need for and benefits from focusing on e-commerce as an important part of the sales mix.”