We were formed in 2000 as a spinout from UCD. Some key milestones in our history are listed below.

2000 (15,506 domains registered): The e-Commerce Act 2000 was passed giving the Minister for Communications, Data and Natural Resources powers of regulation over the .ie namespace. IE Domain Registry Limited is formed following a due diligence process after spinning out from UCD.

2001 – the 25,000th .ie domain is registered

2002: Losses of €1.42 million are reported.

2003: Our Registrar invoicing process changes from quarterly in arrears (for all domains) to annual in advance (for renewals in each month). This results in dramatic service quality improvements. We introduced a non-renewal process (MSD) as a service for all registrants.

2005 – the 50,000th .ie domain is registered by findatradesman.ie: We introduced a web-based console for Registrars providing portfolio management services around the clock. The Communications Regulation (Amendment) Bill 2005 proposes revised legislation which will transfer the Minister for Communications, Data and Natural Resources power’s to ComReg.

2006: We introduce an automated interface (API) for its Registrars.

2007 – the 75,000th .ie domain is registered by themusicshop.ie: The e-Commerce Act 2007 (as amended) is passed transferring the Minister for Communication, Data and Natural Resources power’s to ComReg. A policy change is approved which sees the introduction of personal domain names. Following an international competitive tender process, an IE Domain Registry joint venture introduces an ENUM service for Ireland, becoming the seventh country in the world to do so.

2008: the 100,000th .ie domain is registered by royal-hospital-kilmainham.ie: We upgraded to a high visibility infrastructure using VM Ware and best-practice continuity/disaster recovery arrangements.

2009: We introduced an automated multi-year renewal service. ComReg’s public consultation process confirms local Internet community support for the .ie managed registry model. We commenced an escrow of registry data service.

2010: the 150,000th .ie domain is registered by localcomputerrepair.ie: We formalised relationships with our 98 strong Registrar community with a legal agreement which clarifies the respective roles and responsibilities. We formed a working group tasked with formalising the Policy Development Process (PDP) for the .ie namespace. 2010 ends with Member’s Funds of €3 million and cash reserves of €4.4 million.

2011: We launched the Optimise e-Commerce and Website Development Fund designed to provide a selection of Irish SMEs and micro-enterprises with training, consultancy and development support to improve their e-commerce offering.

2013: We launched a Co-Funded Marketing Programme designed to assist Registrars with marketing initiatives for the .ie namespace.

2015: the 200,000th .ie domain is registered by basecampadventurepark.ie. We published the inaugural dot ie Digital Health Index and Domain Profile ReportA Strategic Development Fund is established to finance a set of promotion, marketing and customer service initiatives to meet the strategic objectives and priorities of expansion and protection of the .ie namespace.

2016: We introduced the opportunity for people to register Geographic Place Names, Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) which allows people to have a fáda as part of their domain name, and one- and two-letter domains (for example t.ie and fg.ie). The secondary market was also introduced to allow the private resale of .ie domains. All of these changes were overseen by the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC), following the .ie 10 step policy development process (PDP) which ensures that all stakeholders have a say in building consensus for the change, and how it is implemented. On 27 October we hosted Ireland’s second annual Internet Day with a theme of SMEs and Digital Disruption, held in the Mansion House in Dublin.  We recorded a 6% increase in turnover for 2016.

2017: The Optimise Programme was revamped to partner with a sectoral organisation, DCCoI (Design and Crafts Council of Ireland), to enable over 40 small businesses in the craft and design sector to enhance their online presence and ecommerce capabilities. On 27 October we celebrated our third Ireland’s Internet Day with the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales as the keynote speaker. Sadly, May 2017 saw the passing our Chairman, Professor Sean Scanlan RIP, who led the company since its foundation in July 2000, as a spinout from UCD.

2018: the 250,000th .ie domain name is registered by thewicklowstreetclinic.ie. We oversaw the liberalisation of .ie domain names with the removal of the ‘claim to the name’ requirement on 21 March allowing anyone with a provable connection to Ireland to register their preferred .ie domain with ease, on a first-come, first served basis. Additional milestones for 2018 are expected to include an alternative dispute resolution process and of course, changes required across the sales channel in relation to GDPR.