What we do

We are the registry for .ie Internet domain names and maintain the database of .ie registered domain names.

We have been managing the .ie country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) namespace since 1991. Our work includes protecting, supporting and promoting the online presence of all .ie domain names.

We originated in University College Dublin, however in July 2000 it became a private company. We have no shareholders, the company is owned by its members who are the directors. This structure, being limited by guarantee, is a very common one for domain registries around the world. Surpluses are not distributed, they are added to opening reserves. Directors, as per the company’s constitution, do not have a “beneficial interest“ in the reserves of the company.

Only we can administer and manage the .ie namespace. These acts are undertaken as a public service.  We liaise as required with government departments, governing bodies, trade associations and abides by Internet best practice principles while still operating as an independent private company.


Our mission is to provide unique identifiably Irish domain names along with registry and related services to the local and international Internet community.


Our vision is that the .ie domain name will continue to be recognised globally as representing Ireland’s presence on the Internet with high levels of stability, safety and resilience.


We strive to be fair, equitable and transparent in our dealings with Registrars and stakeholders. We operate with integrity and ethical values while also adhering to the strict corporate governance guidelines. In our efforts to serve the local Internet community we always work with enthusiasm, dedication and pride.

Our strategic priorities are:

To help shape the development of the internet landscape and ecosystem.

To advocate for e-commerce enabled website usage and to become a digital advocate for the SME community through active involvement and engagement with stakeholders.

To deliver on our customer service, technical and other obligations as the active Registry Operator for the .ie namespace in Ireland.

To continue our ongoing customer experience (CX) innovation and improvement programmes and to develop new customers.

To achieve companywide growth by developing the .ie brand in order to achieve annual new growth rates greater than our competitors (.com/new TLDs) with retention rates comparable to similar ccTLDs.