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Mick Begley
on January 31st, 2019

DNS Flag Day – 1 February 2019

What is DNS Flag Day? From 1 February 2019 changes will be rolled out to the Domain Name System (DNS) software. Named, DNS Flag Day, this is to prepare the DNS for the deployment of new features. However, the knock-on effect is that some domain names will break for anyone who is using a non-compliant DNS setup. We have been scanning the .ie zone over the past few months and reached out to Registrars and domain holders to assist them in moving their DNS to a compliant setup. Currently there are just under 0.4% that are not yet compliant. Technical information…

Naomi Temple
on January 25th, 2019

New .ie domain registrations jump 30% following registration rule change

51,040 new .ie domains were registered in 2018, up +29% on 2017, according to our latest .ie Domain Profile Report. The total .ie domain database recorded 262,140 active domains at the end of 2018, up +10% on the previous year. In this edition of the .ie Domain Profile Report, we explore the numbers and types of .ie domains registered in 2018, where they were registered, as well as information about the wider .ie domain ecosystem. Easier and faster The large year-on-year growth demonstrates the success of the changes we made to the .ie domain registration process in March 2018. It is…

Oonagh McCutcheon
on January 17th, 2018

Website costs for SMEs in Ireland: How much should you pay?

What’s in the ebook? After 20 years working with Irish businesses we’ve compiled all the information you need when deciding on a budget for your website. Our advice is broken down into practical and manageable tasks, showing you what you need to consider when going through the process. In this guide, we take a closer look at the costs involved, and how to make the most of your budget when developing a new website. The ebook profiles four typical Irish business scenarios for: •  Start-up (1 part time staff) •  Micro business (less than 3 employees) •  Small business (less…