Domain registration tips

on March 7th, 2016

Reading through the IEDR’s policies and document requirements can sometimes be confusing if you’re not familiar with the process. In most cases, registering a .ie domain name is simpler than you’d think. We asked Paul Shortt, our Registration Services Supervisor for his best tips on how to register a .ie domain name.  

Every application is reviewed the same way, with our Registration Services team looking for three things:

– Has the applicant proven who they are?

– Has the applicant explained why they want the domain?

– Does the applicant have a connection to Ireland?

Once we tick off all three of these, we’re able to accept the application. Remembering these three key points will help you work out what documents you might be asked for. Here are some other things to keep in mind when applying for a .ie domain:

Who are you?

We need to be sure that the domain is registered to the correct person or organisation. This way your domain is always under your control, not that of a third-party. Companies will be asked for their CRO number or certificate of incorporation, while individuals will be asked for proof that they’re self-employed (if their domain is going to be for their business) or proof of their ID or address.

Why do you want the domain? 

Our goal is to ensure that people will only register domains that they have a legitimate interest in using. So every applicant has to provide some explanation about why they want a specific domain name. If a company registers a domain that matches it’s company name, then their reason is obvious, but domains can also be registered for brand names, school projects, clubs, etc. In many cases, applicants will have to provide a written explanation, especially if it’s their first time registering a .ie domain. When this happens, a simple letter outlining what the domain name means and how it’s going to be used is usually all we need.

Do you have a connection to Ireland?

If you’re based in Ireland, then your connection is clear. But applicants from overseas can still register .ie domain names if they’re providing goods or services to Ireland. Proof that your business sells to Irish customers, or signs that you’re expanding your business to include operations in Ireland, will be enough to satisfy this requirement.

Existing domains

If you already have other .ie domains, it’s generally worth mentioning this when submitting your application. We review an applicant’s existing domains to avoid someone having to send the same documents over and over, and if your new domain is similar enough to your new one, you might not need to provide any further explanation at all.

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