Ecommerce Trustmark now available to Irish Retailers

on May 17th, 2016

We were very happy to see that Ireland has now been added to the list of European countries that use the eCommerce Trustmark. The announcement was made last week at the Retail Excellence Ireland (REI) Retreat in Mount Wolseley.

So what is a Trustmark?

The eCommerce Trustmark is a non-profit trustmark based upon a common set of criteria which comply with the required levels of European law.  The Trustmark operates on a self-regulated basis and is widely available to companies that are involved in online and cross-border selling of products and services. The Trustmark will be administered in Ireland by REI.

What does it offer consumers?

– Increased confidence in the European delivery capability of the merchant

– It shows that the retailer is compliant with all required online legislation and regulations

– An international complaints handling procedure in the case of disputes

– Additional consumer confidence that the retailer accepts their preferred payment method

– Enhanced protection for the consumer’s data

– Mystery audits of websites ensuring that high standards are upheld.

Why should I get it for my retail business?

– It could boost your Irish and European online trading volumes

– It builds consumer confidence and awareness of your brand across Europe

– It demonstrates to consumers that you meet all online legislation and regulations

– You can participate in an international complaints handling procedure if there are disputes

– IT supports the protection of consumer’s data.

Companies which are members of one of the national associations of eCommerce Europe can carry the Trustmark for free. For all other approved applicants the fee is €300 annually.

Click here for further information on the Trustmark or to apply for it online.

Who are REI and why are they running this Trustmark for Ireland?

As the largest retail industry body in Ireland, REI is a natural fit to work with eCommerce Europe in extending this Trustmark to Ireland. Established in 1995 REI now has over 1,600 member companies operating 13,000 stores and employing over 110,000 people. Ecommerce has become an enhanced area of focus for REI in recent years. The organisation has established a specific ecommerce group to address the concerns their members have when trying to ecommerce enable their businesses. Further information on this and other supports REI offers its clients can be found here at their website:

For further reading around ecommerce and how Irish SMEs feature it in their businesses you can check out our Digital Health Index. 

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