IEDR records 12.9% net growth in .ie domains for 2011

on January 4th, 2012

– Number of .ie registrations at end 2011 was 173,145 –

The IE Domain Registry (IEDR), the managed registry for Ireland’s official internet address .ie, today reported its registration statistics for 2011 which show continued growth for Ireland’s top level internet domain. Overall the total number of .ie domains grew by 12.9% net in 2011 to 173,145 at year end.

In line with trends experienced in previous years, registration levels were stronger in the first six months of 2011 with 20,995 registrations recorded between January and June, and 18,403 registrations in the second half of the year. Therefore, new registrations for the first half of 2011 were up by 9.9% on the same period in the previous year while the second six month period experienced growth of 5.2% year-on-year. For 2011 overall, registrations were 7.7% higher than the previous corresponding twelve month period.

During the year the IEDR reached a major milestone when over 4,000 (4,061) domains were registered in a single month. This coincided with the IEDR’s launch of OPTIMISE – an initiative which the IEDR established, as part of its tenth anniversary, to raise awareness of companies not fully exploiting the potential of online sales – and gave each of ten SMEs €10,000 of support, to provide greater e-commerce functionality to their websites.

The IEDR is pleased that its Registrar community and other Irish internet stakeholders have helped spread the message of the untapped potential of internet sales following the publication of its Domain Industry Report which found that only two thirds of Irish businesses had websites and that of those 66% only 21% had e-commerce capability. The collective effort of information campaigns and promotions has contributed to increased registrations. The IEDR believes that more work needs to be done by Irish SMEs and policy-makers to fully harness the potential for online sales. IEDR will roll out further initiatives in 2012 to both raise awareness and provide dedicated support to Irish SMEs as part of its commitment to managing Ireland’s top level domain in the interests of the Irish internet community.

As not every domain is needed indefinitely, the non-renewal of domains is common to all registries. It most frequently arises when there is no longer a requirement for a domain name that was once registered for a specific purpose or event, typically for public information campaigns, product launches and non-recurring events. The current non-renewal rate stands at 12.8%, an improvement on the 14% level recorded for 2010. This resulted in 19,726 net additional .ie domains for 2011, a 12.6% increase on the previous year, once non-renewals had been accounted for.


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Total .ie domains at year end




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Commenting on the .ie domain registration figures for 2011, Mr David Curtin, Chief Executive, IE Domain Registry (IEDR) said; “We are pleased to report continued strong .ie registration rates which have been achieved against the backdrop of very challenging times for Irish business. Much credit is due to our Registrar community for their collective efforts in supporting the growth of Ireland’s top level domain which remains the domain of choice for those registering websites in the Irish market.

While growth of the .ie domain continues there is still significant untapped potential in the market for Irish businesses – to establish and grow their e-business through online sales and for those currently with an online portal, to further exploit the benefits of what is a 24/7 sales channel without borders. The IEDR will, as part of its commitment to managing Ireland’s top level domain in the interests of the Irish internet community, continue to play its part in providing a leadership role in both raising awareness of this important issue and running targeted initiatives to support Irish SMEs reach their online potential.”

The IEDR’s Annual Report will be published later this year once audited financial statements are made available.

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