How technology changes your customers – watch Allister Frost’s Internet Day 2016 keynote presentation

on February 27th, 2017

Last week one of our Internet Day 2016 keynote speakers, Allister Frost, wrote a blog post for us about which is better, a website or a Facebook page. The full post is well worth your time as Allister touched on some interesting issues for SMEs such as the fact that social networks exist in a perpetual state of reinvention and that business posts will rarely reach more than 10% of your connections on Facebook.

With this in mind, we thought it would be a good time to share Allister’s entire keynote presentation from Ireland’s Internet Day 2016 to see what other interesting and relevant points he made at the event. The full video is at the bottom of this post and we would encourage everyone to watch it.

Allister spoke about two main themes, firstly how technology changes people and secondly what opportunities these technology driven changes can offer small businesses now.

How technology changes people

Allister began by telling us that 80% of people will not leave home without their smartphone, in fact he said that he would rather leave home without his trousers than without his smartphone! He then proceeded to discuss how ‘hyperinformed’ and ‘hyperconnected’ we all are, in that we have every answer we could ever want at our fingertips via a smartphone, tablet or other connected device as opposed to previously being forced to consult encyclopedias or look up answers in other books. For businesses this means that customers are less likely to ask for your expert advice and more likely to have found the answers (or at least part of the answers) for themselves before they reach the point of purchase.

Allister also made the point that consumers have now become utterly intolerant of anything that doesn’t work on their own terms. How often do you wait longer than a few seconds for a website to load? Chances are it’s not very often. If something doesn’t work for you first time you will move onto the next option quickly and without a second thought. Simply put, people are disloyal in a digital world.

What does this mean for your business?

According to Allister helping has become the new selling. Being generous with your knowledge and making it available to your customers online to allow them to self-serve and find the information they need will help you make sales.

In terms of advertising and marketing social platforms allow you to be ‘hypertargeted’ which means that you can get the right message, to the right people, at the right time. However Allister did offer the caveat that you need to build your online home on solid ground. It’s your website, you own it and you can do whatever you like with it – in contrast to third parties platforms where changes beyond your control can negatively impact your business. He warned that everything you do on third party websites should drive traffic to your website. Check out his whole presentation in the video below.

Watch Allister’s complete presentation

Allister Frost is a Digital Marketing Expert and Founder of Wild Orange Media, you can read his blog post on which is better, a website or a Facebook page here. Allister is an award-winning chartered marketer who helps businesses adapt and thrive in our rapidly changing, technology-driven world. Voted ‘UK Digital Marketing Personality of the Year’, he is an expert in improving marketing results by leveraging emerging digital technologies.

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