‘Digital Skills for Citizens’ Programme

by Oonagh McCutcheon
01 May 2019

The Internet gives people all over the world, instant access to an endless supply of knowledge and entertainment. You can learn about almost any topic or question you may have. There are also millions of videos on site that help explain various subjects and even online courses you can take and help teach you about many different subjects. However, almost ONE in every SEVEN adults living in Ireland have never used the internet.

​The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment launched the  ‘Digital Skills for Citizens’ Programme which focuses on supporting and empowering citizens to participate fully in Ireland’s digital economy and society.

This scheme provides digital skills training for citizens who are new to the internet and digital literacy tools, with a view to removing a key barrier to digital adoption.

“Digital Skills for Citizens” Grant Scheme

The Department is actively supporting people to get online and enjoy all that the internet has to offer. In a ‘connected’ society, digital skills are essential if we’re going to realise the full social and economic potential of this digital world.

Under the Department’s Digital Skills for Citizens Grant Scheme, the Minister for the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment has allocated funding of €2.2m to 12 organisations in 2019 to provide basic digital skills training to people nationwide. The IE Domain Registry are one of the 12 Grantees and the training classes are delivered by Computer Gym on behalf of the IE Domain Registry.

The organisations will deliver classes in accordance with the Statement of Requirements. There are many training locations in all the four provinces allowing the training to be accessible to everyone.

Under this scheme, people who are new to the internet and digital literacy tools will receive 10 hours of classroom training, free of charge.  Classes will cover the basic skills, and also allow flexibility to address the particular needs and preferences identified by the trainees.

The IE Domain Registry are proud to have been involved with the scheme. On April 29th David Curtin, our CEO visited St Michael’s House to present the certificates to the students who had just completed the training course.

Pictured are graduates of the ‘Digital Skills for Citizens’ programme. The ‘Digital Skills for Citizens’ training course, which provides digital skills training for citizens who are new to the internet and digital literacy tools, was held for service users of St. Michael’s House by Training Manager Sandra Moran, Computer Gym and supported by the IE Domain Registry. The course was held as part of St. Michael’s House comprehensive range of services and supports to men, women and children with intellectual disabilities. It culminated in an awards ceremony at Coolock Development Centre this week. Digital Skills for Citizens is a programme developed and supported by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment