.ie Accredited Registrar Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Registrar of .ie domain names. Please complete the below application form.

All questions are required. Once you have submitted the application you will receive a copy for your records. The application form will be reviewed and a member of our team will contact you in due course.

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Company name

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Please provide a description of your business activities, including your experience in the registration and management of domain portfolios, other TLD or ICANN accreditations etc.

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Do you have a detailed knowledge of the policies procedures and processes for .ie and relevant technical issues?

How long have you been registering .ie domain names?

How many domain names do you currently bill for? If your name does not appear on the domain, please submit a list of your domains from the sub-Registrar or reseller that you registered them through. An excel list of the domains should also be sent to newregistrar@iedr.ie to support this application.

Do you currently have your own servers hosting .ie domain names?

How many .ie domain names do you realistically project to register per month?

Please outline your marketing plan to promote .ie and your registration business over the next 12 months (a formal business proposal is optional but is recommended in support of the application)

If applicable, please list the IEDR billing NIC-handle(s) you use for billing purposes

Application Criteria

Please note that by submitting this application you are acknowledging your understanding of, and willingness to adhere to, the below criteria for Registrar Accreditation in the event of a successful application:

  • A Registrar must comply with the terms and conditions of the IEDR's Registrar Agreement
  • A Registrar must reach 200 domains within a reasonable time frame, and remain above that level in order to maintain their Accredited Registrar Status
  • A Registrar website should feature the .ie Accredited Register logo and include a prominent reference to the registration of .ie domain names
  • Where a domain registration drop down menu exists on a Registrar website, .ie must be featured on this list
  • A Registrar website should not include any reference to a top level domain with .ie as a sub-domain (e.g. xxxxxxx.ie.nu or xxxxxxx.ie.com)
  • A Registrar's site must be valid and accessible at all times

Once the application form has been submitted a message will appear below and you will receive an email copy of your completed form. It will then be reviewed by the IEDR. If you have any queries about this for or the .ie Registrar Programme please email newregistrar@iedr.ie