The .ie Domain Profile Report is a comprehensive exploration of the .ie database.

In the latest edition, we analyse the numbers and types of .ie domains registered in 2019, the counties and countries where they were registered, and additional information about the wider .ie domain ecosystem. As this .ie Domain Profile Report is the last to measure the 2010s, we also take the opportunity to review standout facts and figures from the last decade.

Total .ie database

In 2010, the .ie database consisted of 154,918 domains; in 2019, that number was 280,958, an increase of 81%. The difference is staggering and reflects a decade of work to make .ie domains more accessible and relevant to the changing needs of twenty-first-century Ireland.

In 2019, the majority of the .ie database comprised companies and self-employed entrepreneurs (79.5%). Because it is protected, a .ie domain is the best way for Irish businesses to demonstrate their trustworthiness and authenticity to customers.

On the island of Ireland, Fermanagh recorded the largest percentage increase in new .ie domain registrations in 2019 (+146%), albeit from a low base. Roscommon (+25.7%) followed.

Total .ie database 2019

.ie Market Share

The report also shows that over the last decade, .ie enjoyed a 10 percentage point swing in market share of Ireland’s hosted domains from .com. In 2010, .com comprised 43% of all Irish hosted domains, versus 40% for .ie. In 2019, .ie comprised 50% of hosted domains, whereas .com’s share shrank to 33%.

Interestingly, new .ie registrations by individuals increased by 27% in 2019. As social platforms are increasingly consolidated by large corporations, and their terms of service restricted or altered, professionals, creatives, and hobbyists are seeking a private digital space that they can fully control. This has been a consistent upward trend.

IE Domain Registry .ie DPR 2019 Market Share

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