The .ie Domain Profile Report is a biannual analysis of the .ie domain database and the H1 2019 report covers the period from 1 January – 30 June 2019.

The report explores the number and type of domains in the .ie namespace and provides analysis on those registered in 2019 in Ireland, the counties and countries where they were registered, as well as new information about the wider .ie domain ecosystem.

Ireland’s country domain .ie has grown 40% in five years, fuelled by registration rule change, a buoyant economy, Brexit and social network limitations.

The total .ie domain database recorded 273,156 active domains by the end of H1 2019, up more than 8% on the previous half-year.

The demand for .ie brand drives 75% increase in number of .ie domains offered for private sale, while the growth in .ie registrations from Great Britain suggests an ongoing ‘Brexit effect’, as companies move to secure online assets in Ireland. British-registered .ie domains make up 3.6% of the total of 273,156 .ie domains registered by June 2019 and 42% of the 24,009 domains registered abroad.

Key facts

.ie Domain Profile Report 2019.

Analysis of .ie domains by county

Other findings

Derry recorded the largest increase in new .ie registrations in H1 2019, up over 30% from last year, followed by Laois and Roscommon. Leitrim recorded the largest decrease, down over 43% in new .ie registrations.

39.3% of .ie websites had SSL (security) certificates at the end of H1 2019, which is a 58.5% increase year-on-year. Google now downgrades search results for websites without SSL certs.


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