Internet Day 2016

We welcomed a host of talks from digital disruptors to the Round Room in Dublin’s Mansion House.

In October 2016, leading Irish and international SMEs, as well as industry representatives and professionals, converged at the in Dublin for an inspiring half-day SME seminar to celebrate Ireland’s second annual Internet Day. Speakers included;

  • Emma Sinclair, MBE, co-founder of EnterpriseJungle

  • Allister Frost, award winning chartered marketer and former Head of Digital Marketing at Microsoft

  • Sïmon Saneback, an award winning Swedish entrepreneur and e-commerce expert

  • Jorij Abraham, an e-commerce manager for retail, travel and media companies, now Director of Research at E-commerce Europe

In short, if they were making waves in the digital marketplace, then you’ll have found them here.

Successful Irish digital companies were panelists on the day, sharing their insights and tips for success to the attendees about how they can take “a bigger byte of the digital marketplace.”