Internet Day

A day of celebration which aims to promote awareness, knowledge, use and understanding of the internet among citizens, businesses and communities.

To mark Internet Day 2018, we launched the ‘Digital Town’ initiative which highlighted the benefits and possibilities of the internet and celebrated the digital achievements of a local town. We chose Gorey, Co Wexford as the 2018 Digital Town – we celebrated Gorey’s digital achievements and highlighted the importance and impact of the internet on society, on businesses and on communities, while demonstrating the benefits and potential of digital towns.

Gorey – Digital Town 2018

Gorey was chosen for its achievements in cultivating a truly digital environment in the town, and for its ongoing successes in fully embracing digital for its residents and for local business. We believe that through showcasing its efforts, Gorey can inspire Irish towns to begin their journey to becoming fully digital.

David Curtin, Oonagh McCutcheon and Bobby Kerr at Internet Day 2018

Our CEO David Curtin, Customer Operations Manager Oonagh McCutcheon and MC Bobby Kerr celebrate the launch of Internet Day 2018 

What happened?

Over the month of October, working with Wexford County Council, The Hatch Lab and Gorey Chamber of Commerce, we planned and oversaw a number of digital engagements aimed at showcasing Gorey and developing additional digital skills and know-how for people and organisations in Gorey.

This work culminated in the official launch and celebration of Internet Day 2018 in Gorey on 25 October at the town centre – Civic Square, The Avenue.

Internet Day – 25 October

Official launch: We hosted the official launch in the IE Domain Registry Digital Dome on Internet Day at 10am, where entrepreneur and broadcaster Bobby Kerr acted as Master of Ceremonies. Our CEO David Curtin delivered a short address and revealed the results of a national consumer survey on the Digital trends in Ireland 2018. Following this, there was a discussion on ‘The Digital Town’ with a panel of local and national business experts:

  • Tony Hanway, Group CEO, Virgin Media Ireland
  • Jim Hughes, CEO, INNOVATE, President, Gorey Chamber of Commerce
  • Louise O’Conor, Chief Digital Officer, Abodoo
  • Annette Soraine, Board member, Fastrack to IT
  • Oonagh McCutcheon, Customer Operations Manager, IE Domain Registry

Open to all: From 11am-3pm, in the IE Domain Registry Digital Dome there was a team of leading digital experts providing free advice and digital demonstrations to business owners, community groups and citizens on all matters digital including skills, e-commerce, website development and mobile video.

Digital demonstrations delivered included:

  • A short workshop on ‘Digital Animation & Mobile Video Made Easy’ which showed businesses how to shoot professional quality video and animations using their mobile device
  • ‘How to build a website in 20 minutes’ which demonstrated how to build a website from scratch in 20 minutes with a newly registered domain and no coding required

There was also the opportunity to try out a mixed reality experience, which immersed people in a 3D painting canvas called Tilt Brush.

Media gallery

Check out our media gallery to see all the highlights from the day.

Digital engagements

In advance of Internet Day we undertook a host of digital engagements in Gorey, our digital town. Take a look at what the participants had to say.

The Kitchen @ Gorey: Cathy Farrell chats about how important the internet is for her business. She also outlines how useful it was having a food photographer to capture more professional product images to use across their digital assets.

Abodoo: Vanessa Tierney discusses the benefits of smart working for all. She also outlines the talent available in Gorey and what they are doing to promote that to employers.

Paytient Payments: Ruairi Gough chats about the benefits of new software he has developed locally to help dentists offer patients different structured payment options at point of sale. He also talks about his ability to run a global business from Gorey.

Wild About: Fiona Falconer explores the benefits of our OPTIMISE programme to an SME, and the importance of small, local businesses to rural economies.

Getting Citizens Online: Our Customer Operations Manager, Oonagh McCutcheon and Mayte Gonzales from Digital Skills for Citizens talk about the benefits of the Getting Citizens Online programme.

Digital TownJohn O’Connor from the Hatch Lab, Amanda Byrne from Wexford County Council and Jim Hughes from Gorey Chamber of Commerce discuss how Gorey has embraced digital and the important of digital to the economic strategy for the area.

Fashion boutiquesJoe Dalton from Breakthrough Brands and our Customer Operations Manager, Oonagh McCutcheon discuss the benefits of email marketing training for local fashion boutiques in Gorey.

Creagh CollegeBlacknight Internet Solutions and our Customer Operations Manager, Oonagh McCutcheon tell us about the recent web training provided to students in Creagh College and also the .ie domains and website hosting packages that will be made available to students.

Previous Internet Days

2017: To celebrate Ireland’s third annual Internet Day, we hosted an evening with Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales. Read more about the day and view Jimmy’s keynote speech.

2016: Ireland’s second Internet Day, put the spotlight on the benefits of e-commerce and how SMEs can overcome various challenges. It included a keynote speech from Emma Sinclair, MBE, co-founder of EnterpriseJungle. Check out the videos from the day.

2015: Internet Day featured a free public exhibition, The History and Future of the Internet in Ireland, and two morning discussion panels on e-commerce and the internet in 2030, with participants from Google, Dogpatch Labs and Irish start-ups Pointy and Sedicii. Futurologist Rudy de Waele addressed attendees on emerging trends in internet technology and how they’ll affect society in the decades to come.