75% of Irish websites are not using security software

by Oonagh McCutcheon
27 Jul 2018
1 minutes to read

The recent release of Google Chrome (version 68) means that thousands of HTTP websites display a ‘Not secure’ message to your website visitors. This means that these websites do not have an SSL certificate or it has not been configured properly.

SSL is a standard security technology that creates a trusted environment where potential customers feel safe and confident in making purchases. Websites that have an SSL certificate will display as HTTPS.

A ‘Not secure’ message will make consumers very wary of visiting your website or transacting with you. It could mean lost sales or business going to your secure competitor.

According to our figures, only 24.8% of Irish websites are using an SSL certificate1.

It’s quite straightforward to fix this. Some SSL certificates are available free of charge and there are some paid for versions. Read this blog post, from one of our accredited Registrars, Blacknight Solutions, which provides a useful overview.

Make sure you get an SSL certificate for your website. Your website hosting provider or domain registrar will be able to help you: accredited .ie Registrars

Act now before your customers go elsewhere.

1 Source – Dataprovider