As part of our policy development process, we have made important changes to the .ie registration requirements.

The rules for registering .ie domain names have changed. From 21 March 2018, the need to explain why you want a particular name (also called ‘claim to the name’) when registering a .ie domain name has been removed.

Previously, an applicant registering a .ie domain had to prove they had a valid claim to the desired domain and a real, tangible connection to the island of Ireland. The change to the registration process retains the requirement for applicants to prove their connection to Ireland but drops the need to prove a valid claim to a name.

This makes it easier and faster to get a .ie domain for anyone with a real connection to Ireland.

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Frequently asked questions

This document outlines all of the frequently asked questions relating to policy liberalisation.

What’s changed?

The need to show a ‘claim to the name’ when registering a new .ie domain was removed from 21 March 2018.

Applicants still need to prove their real connection to the island of Ireland, and their identity, when applying for a .ie domain.

Applying for domain after liberalisation

Why have the rules changed?

  • We want to make it easier and faster for those with real Irish connections to get a .ie.
  • We want to grow .ie, especially with Irish Small Office/Home Office/Micro businesses.
  • We want to remove the ‘claim’ requirement, as applicants can’t prove future ‘claims’ (e.g. new start-up businesses who want a web presence before setting up a physical presence).
  • We want to remove restrictions on domains that reflect a person’s name, nickname, pen name.

What hasn’t changed?

What isn't changing to dot ie. IEDR

What happens if someone takes my name?

Disputes are handled using the IE Dispute Resolution Policy, supported by the provisions of the legal Terms of Service, and the IE Registration & Naming Policy.

The Policy Advisory Committee is also reviewing the introduction of an Alternative Dispute Resolution Process. The objective is to evaluate options for a faster and more affordable way to dispute .ie domain registrations.

When did this change happen?

The need to show a ‘claim to a .ie domain name’ was removed from 21 March 2018.

This follows an extensive review of the policy change proposal in line with the 10-step IE Policy Development Process, and a favourable response from the public for the change.  The multi-stakeholder Policy Advisory Committee formally recommended the introduction of this change to the IE Domain Registry Board of Directors, which approved the change in November 2017.

The progress of this policy change proposal is detailed in the Minutes from IE Domain Registry Policy Advisory Committee’s meetings.

Read: Summary of the Public Consultation results

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