Become a Registrar

An accredited .ie Registrar is a company, organisation or individual who has proven their expertise in managing .ie domains on behalf of registrants.

What is a Registrar?

The accredited Registrar is effectively the appointed Agent of the .ie domain holder, and will have signed a legally binding Agreement with the IEDR.

Getting started as a Registrar for .ie 

If you are already an experienced Registrar (for instance, if you are ICANN accredited or accredited with another ccTLD) we can fast-track your .ie accreditation through the Application/Approval/Commencement processes, described below. On request, we can send you a Registrar Application Pack, together with our API protocol specification and other documents. Please contact us at

If you are inexperienced, but interested in selling .ie domains, the best way to start is often through negotiating terms with an existing IEDR accredited Registrar. 

What you need to do

To become an accredited .ie Registrar any company, organisation or individual should display a detailed knowledge of our policies, procedures and relevant technical issues. This is generally displayed by having already registered at least 200 .ie domain names. You will also need to:

  • Sign a legal Registrar Agreement, which sets out our mutual responsibilities and obligations to each other
  • Pass a financial credit check
  • Provide a security deposit of €2,500
  • Show a clear commitment to promoting .ie domain names.

Benefits of being a .ie Registrar:

Once you’ve become an accredited Registrar you will receive substantial benefits such as:

  • A price reduction on registrations & renewal fees
  • Access to a web-based Console for domain management purposes
  • Immediate access to the API for faster automated transactions
  • Use of an online deposit account to pay for your renewals, transfers and new registrations
  • Potential to earn a payment from IEDR for co-funded marketing assistance,
  • Potential to earn volume rebates over time.

How the process works

It’s simple, you can apply online here. 

Some of the information needed in the application form is as follows:

  • Length of time you have been registering domains
  • A list of the .ie domains currently registered by your company
  • A list of the NIC-Handles your company uses for .ie billing purposes if applicable
  • The projected number of .ie domains you realistically hope to register per month
  • An indication of where you see your predicted business and customers coming from
  • It is also highly recommended that you include any marketing or promotion campaigns you are planning to use to promote .ie domains over the next three to twelve month period.

The IEDR monitors all accredited .ie Registrar accounts and reserves the right to withdraw the benefits of an account with appropriate notice. This will only happen if the IEDR feels that the commitment and results from the Registrar do not reflect the discount and credit terms provided to Registrars.

If you have any questions or require clarification on the above please email:

Approval Process

We will review the Registrar Application Form together with any accompanying documentation and references.  If there are no clarification requests, the application will receive interim approval to proceed to next stage.

Accounts staff will confirm the two credit references, and provide you with IEDR bank details to enable the transfer of the €2,500 security deposit.

A signed letter of negative assurance should be provided to IEDR, confirming that the registrants of your .ie domains have been informed about the transfer to the new Registrar account and have no objection to moving to you, the Applicant Registrar (if any of them object, they must be excluded from consideration).

The legal Registrar Agreement can now be signed by the Applicant and sent for countersignature to the IEDR.

Commencement Process

The agreed list of domains will be transferred across to the new/upgraded Registrar account.  The Registrar will receive login details to the Console, and can begin transacting immediately.  The deposit account will be opened, to enable payment by drawdown for renewals, new registrations etc.

Access to the Console provides:

  • Secure online access to the Registrar’s portfolio of domains
  • Online registration, modification and request for deletion of .ie domain names
  • Scrutiny of new registrations over a selected period
  • Visibility of domains that will be billable in coming months
  • Visibility of domains that have been transferred to other accounts
  • Access to previous invoices
  • Easy access to technical and administrative contacts for the Registrar’s portfolio of domains
  • Statistical analysis of your portfolio of registered .ie domains.

Access to the API test environment, if applicable, can be provided.  Once the testing phase has been completed the Registrar will be whitelisted for access to the live API.

Alternatively, you are also welcome to register domains on behalf of your clients directly with us via our console. The registration and annual maintenance fee for a .ie domain name will be the full retail rate of €62.00 plus VAT @ 23%. Please note that we do not charge any fees for any modifications or deletions required during the year.