DNSSEC & Registry Lock

DNSSEC adds a layer of trust and validation to your DNS infrastructure while Registry Lock protects your domain from any unintended, unwanted or accidental modifications.


DNSSEC provides data origin authentication and data integrity verification to the DNS through the use of public key cryptographic signatures.  It relies on a chain of trust within the DNS infrastructure, that guarantees that the response you receive has not been tampered with in any manner. For more information please see our FAQ section.

To add DNSSEC protection to your .ie domain name you simply need to send us the relevant DNSSEC records (DS Record) to the IEDR via secure email.

To do this, you must have PGP secured email set up for yourself. We require that you complete the DNSSEC Registrant Change Request Form and attach it to a PGP signed email which must be sent to dnssec@iedr.ie

Our PGP public key for dnssec@iedr.ie  – is available for download here.

Please note that change requests must be signed by the administrative contact listed in our records for the given domain(s).

The dnssec@iedr.ie mailbox is manually operated during business hours 9 am – 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday.

Registry Lock

Registry Lock is a service that allows you to protect your domain registration from any unintended, unwanted or accidental modifications.

Registry Lock ensures that any request to modify your domain must be authorised through a specialised and manual verification process. This process is carried out by the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) and your Registrar.

The process is simple; when you wish to make a change to your domain registration you contact your Registrar. The nominated contact from your Registrar organisation will then be responsible for submitting requests to the IEDR to lock or unlock your domain.

Changes to the status of your domain are then authorised manually by telephone using a person-specific verification process which protects against automation errors and system compromises.

When the Registry Lock service is activated for a .ie domain no unauthorised changes will be permitted to the following records: 

  • Domain Holder changes
  • Billing Contact changes
  • Administrative Contact changes
  • Technical Contact changes
  • Modifications to the domain registration by IEDR staff
  • DNS Record (Name Servers) changes
  • Voluntary deletion of the domain

How to activate Registry Lock?

If your domain is managed by an accredited .ie Registrar, you should contact your Registrar, who will guide you through the setup process, and confirm the cost of the service.

If your domain is not currently managed through one of these Registrars, you would first need to transfer the management (billing) of your domain to an accredited .ie Registrar who offers the locking service. Further information on the billing transfer process is available here.

If you are unsure who your Registrar is, please contact our Registration Services Team by telephone on 01-2365400, or by email to registrations@iedr.ie.

Click here for the Registrar Terms and Conditions for this locking service.