Update Administrative Contact

The Administrative Contact for each .ie domain must be representative of the holder of the domain name.

If your domain is registered through an Accredited .ie Registrar, your Registrar may require you to carry out any changes through them. Please check with your Registrar to be sure your modification request is sent to the right place.

For domains registered to an individual, the holder must be the Administrative Contact. For domains registered to companies, clubs, or other organisations, the Administrative Contact must be a member of the organisation. The Administrative Contact can be changed if an individual leaves an organisation or for various other reasons.

To change the Administrative Contact listed on your domain the IEDR will need you to submit a  document signed by the current Administrative Contact on their letterhead. This letter must state:

“I authorise the change of Administrative Contact for the domain xxxxxxxxx.ie from (previous Administrative Contact name) to (new Administrative Contact name + email address).”

If the previous Administrative Contact is no longer with the organisation that owns the domain name, or is no longer responsible for the domain registration, please also state this on the authorisation letter, and instead have the new Administrative Contact sign the document. Emails should be sent to registrations@iedr.ie and faxes can be sent to: (+353 1) 230 0365.

If you are directly registered with the IEDR and need to update your NIC handle contact information, you can do so through the Console.  Please contact our Registration Services Team directly, by email at registrations@iedr.ie or call 01-2365400 to speak to a team member for more information.