Optimise Fund 2016 Vote

The following companies were short-listed for the IEDR’s OPTIMISE Fund 2016. 10 winners were chosen by a public vote with another 5 being selected by our judges. Click here to find out who won. 

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Author: Melissa Nangle
Title: GottaRun.ie
Company Pitch

My wife and I have a great running store in Galway called GottaRun.

All levels of runners from all over Ireland come to see us to get advice on what running shoe they need and how it will benefit their running goals. People know we take pride in our work and we make each customer feel like they’re our first.

We do share the running space with other stores but we are renowned for our attention to detail which ensures that we have thrived thus far despite other price driven competitors being in our area.

In 2016 we want to extend and improve our level of service through our website offering support to our returning loyal customer who wishes to shop with confidence online.

Our long­term development is a method of offering remote advisor service for people who are unable to visit the store. This will allow us to grow our business in a non­conventional imaginative manner. We see the support from Optimise as our way forward to achieving what we imagine we can do. We have the ideas but lack the technical know how to implement them.

By voting for us, the running community nationwide will help us to help them as they stride towards their next finish line. We want to go the whole way and be there to support you; in return we would appreciate your support for us now.

Please vote for GottaRun and we’ll #gothewholeway together.

Sean & Edel Conroy