Our Policies

As the body responsible for the management of the .ie namespace, we have adopted a range of policies and rules relevant to Registrants, Registrars, or interested third parties. These policies, as well as the related procedures for providing a connection to Ireland, are set out below.

Our Policy Development Process (PDP) will give you an insight into how our policies are currently developed, using a bottom-up, consensus-driven and consultation-based approach.

All .ie domain registrations must adhere to the .ie Registration and Naming Policy.  If you have a policy query that is not answered in our FAQs or elsewhere on this site you can review our specific policies in detail in the links below:


Registration and Naming Policy
Registration and Naming in the .ie Namespace. Here you will find the Policy, and related Processes, Procedures, Rules & Guidelines. Read More
Charity Policy
IE Domain Registry offers free .ie domain names to all Charities who are registered with the Irish Revenue Commissioners. Read More
Dispute Resolution Policy
This policy deals with the resolution of disputes between two parties over to whom a given domain should be registered. Read More
Whois Policy
This details how the Whois operates. Read More
Privacy Policy
The policy explains how personal data provided to us is processed. Read More
Registrant Terms and Conditions
This details the legal terms all registrants agree to follow when registering a .ie domain name. Read More
Data and Document Retention Policy
This details the personal data retention practices at .ie. Read More
Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy
This policy details how to dispute a .ie domain registration using the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process. Read More