Press release:, and domains to go on sale for the first time this week.

IE Domain Registry will make the domains available to qualifying trademark holders from 8 May

Following this restricted phase, domains that are still available will be open for registration by the general public

IE Domain Registry CEO: “The release of these three domains will provide Irish businesses and organisations with an exciting opportunity to improve their brand presence with a memorable and compelling web address.”

The and domains will go on sale for the first time from 8 May, IE Domain Registry, the company responsible for managing Ireland’s country domain name has announced.

In the initial “Sunrise Phase” from 8 May–6 June 2019, qualifying trademark holders will be given the chance to register the names.

Domains that are still available after this phase will be made available to members of the general public who meet the standard .ie registration criteria. This phase will provisionally commence on 19 July and remain open for 30 days.

If multiple parties apply for the same domain name in either of these two phases, an auction will be held. The winning bidder will be allowed to register the name.

In the final “General Availability Phase”, the remaining domains will be open to registration through the normal .ie application process.

Further information on the registration process for these names and the release dates is available at