Public Consultation

Removing the claim to the name

Public Consultation

The Public consultation on the policy liberalisation of .ie domains ended on 30 September 2017.

The policy change was reviewed by the .ie Policy Advisory Committee using the .ie policy development process.

During the policy change review, the Public and industry stakeholders with an interest in the .ie namespace were in favour of the change.

The .ie Policy Advisory Committee recommended the policy change. The IE Domain Registry Board of Directors later approved the implementation of this change.

With this consensus, the need to show a claim to the name was removed on 21 March 2018.

The .ie Policy Advisory Committee discussions on this change are available in the meeting minutes at here.

Summary of Public Consultation Results – October 2017

The public consultation on the proposal to remove the claim the name launched on 28 August 2017, and concluded on 30 September 2017.

Thank you for sharing your recommendations.

117 responses were received during the process.

A summary of responses to the questions asked is outlined below:-

Formal response statement on the results of the Public Consultation – October 2017

A formal response statement from the Policy Advisory Committee Working Group (PAC WG) on the results of the Public Consultation is available here.

This statement provides details of the responses received during the Public Consultation process; the themes raised by respondents; and the PAC WG commentary on each theme.

Learn more about liberalisation.

We now have consensus from the public and industry stakeholders for the change.

The IEDR Board of Directors has considered the recommendation of the PAC and has formally approved the implementation of this change, concluding the review of this proposal in line with the dot ie 10-step Policy Development Process.

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