Accredited Registrar List

Accredited .ie Registrars are companies, organisations or individuals who have proven knowledge and expertise in managing .ie domains on behalf of you, the registrant.

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Support Services
  • Domain registration
    Domain registration is how you select and register a name for your web business.
  • Web hosting
    Web hosting is a service that allows you post a website on the internet.
  • Email services
    Email is provided by many Registrars. You can match your email to your website name e.g.
  • Website builder
    This is software that allows non-technical people create a simple website easily and cost effectively.
  • Web design
    This service includes design, images, colour, layout of your website.
Additional Services
  • SSL certificates
    Need sensitive information such as credit card numbers and login credentials to be transmitted securely? Select this option for providers who offer an encrypted link between your server and your customers.
  • SEO tools and advice
    Maximise the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that your site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine provider. Select this option for providers who offer expert advice on search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Telephone support
    If you want access to a telephone support agent from your domain name provider, select this option.
  • Email support
    Select this option for providers who offer email support for your website queries.
  • Online messenger support
    Select this option for providers who offer online live chat support for your website queries.
  • 24/7 support
    This service is ‘always-on’ giving you the security of speedy response times.
  • Domain locking
    This is an additional security service that prevents unauthorised (e.g. hacking), unwanted or accidental changes to your domain (website) name.
    DNSSEC is a technical service to ensure that traffic to your website is legitimate. It will prevent malware, spyware and ransomware.
  • Brand protection
    To prevent someone exploiting your brand online which could result in loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust you can use brand protection services.
  • Cloud hosting
    Could hosting consists of multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud, as opposed to being provided by a single server or virtual server.
  • Dedicated servers
    A dedicated server refers to the exclusive use of a computer that includes a web server, related software and connection to the Internet to host a website. It is not shared with any other person or organisation.
  • Virtual private servers
    A virtual private server hosting environment mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. It is technically both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.
  • Spam filtering
    A spam filter is a programme that is used to detect unsolicited and unwanted emails and prevent them from getting to your inbox.
Lexsynergy is a leading global domain name management and online brand protection company. We offer personalised domain name registration, management, monitoring and recovery services.
Buy Now is a winner of both the Irish Domain Registry Achievement Award and the Dublin City Enterprise Board Award. A focus on great customer care and expert technical support has underpinned these achievements.
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FCR Media is a specialised domain registration, digital services, sales and marketing company in Ireland. We can offer advice to both personal and business customers looking to choose the right .ie domain name.
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United-Domains AG is an ICANN accredited registrar, with over 15 years of expertise in domain name registration. We support over 1.5 million domain names for more than 300.000 clients.
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We are a European ICANN accredited Registrar and provide more than 800 geographical and international domain name extensions for direct customers and through our reseller network.
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HEAnet is Ireland’s National Education and Research Network, providing Internet connectivity and associated ICT services to education and research organisations throughout Ireland.
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Since 2000, Gandi has offered domain name registratration services. It provides extensions and continues to add extensions on a regular basis. We have offices in France, the United States, Luxembourg and Taiwan.
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Irish Domains have been providing domain name and web hosting services since 1999. As a leading Irish Web Host, we have built a solid reputation that customers can rely on.
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Kildare Web Services has been providing domain registration, hosting and web development services to individuals, community groups and businesses in County Kildare since 1999.
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Hosting Ireland offers fast affordable online registration for .ie domain names both single and multiple year registration.  DNS management and domain redirects are included.  Free telephone and email support.
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Established in 2002, MyHost are a long-established 100% Irish owned hosting company. We offer reliable and affordable business and personal website hosting, domain registration, cloud servers and more.
Buy Now is a pioneer in online services and development in Ireland.  Since 1988 we have provided our customers with an extensive range of services and are an internet service provider since 1994. 
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Eirhost Web Hosting provides free .ie domain registration when ordered with hosting. We offer fast friendly technical support 24/7 with a fast response time.
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Elive have been operating in Ireland since 1997, offering web hosting, email services, domain registration, Wordpress support and software development. Our support team provides outstanding technical service.
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InterNetX GmbH was founded in Regensburg, Germany in 1998 and is one of the largest providers of domains, web-space and hosting products for resellers.
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