Benefits of .ie domains

A .ie domain name is your online address. It enables you to reach out to local and international audiences, and sell your products and services online 24/7.

Why should you choose a .ie?

    It’s identifiably Irish
is the official Internet country code for Ireland and the only online address that is 100% Irish. A .ie tells the global community that you are Irish and tells the Irish community that you are local. You can even register an Irish language name if required, fadas and all.

   It’s more likely to be available
offers a wider choice of available names compared to .com, as significantly more of those names are already registered.

    Let your customers find you online
addresses rank higher than .com addresses on Irish based search engines like Irish consumers are more likely to click on local website addresses.

    Consumers can trust you
Every .ie applicant’s identity is checked and validated at the point of registration. Consumers will have confidence in your business as .ie is a well-established and trusted domain.

    It’s the preferred online address for businesses in Ireland
75% of all registered .ie online addresses are businesses which proves that they recognise the value of having a .ie.

    Protect your brand
Securing your .ie online address strengthens your brand and protects your online identity. All .ie domains are registered on a first-come, first-served basis.


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