Registration requirements

We operate a managed registry for .ie domain names.

Every application for a .ie domain name is checked to ensure that the applicant has a real connection with Ireland. Including this information with your application will allow us to process your application without delay.

In most cases only ONE document is required to prove your connection to Ireland. A detailed list of what you need to include with your application is outlined here. Simply click on the option which best describes you to see what document you need to provide.

It isn’t possible to list every type of document that we accept, so if you are unsure about what you need to include, please contact our Registration Services Team who’ll be happy to assist you (email

Once your connection has been proven, under the Fastpass process you won’t need to show this again should you decide to register more .ie domains.

NOTE: If your personal or commercial identification cannot be verified from your connection to Ireland, you will be asked to provide additional information with your application to show this.

Important Notes

First-come, first-served

Domain registrations are subject to a first come first served policy. Once an application is submitted, it will remain on our system for 27 days pending completion, and the submission of the correct supporting information. During this period, no one else can apply for this domain name.

Once you show your connection with Ireland before the application expires, your application will be completed; subject to verification of your hosting information, and payment from your Registrar.