Upcoming .ie domain release


We are releasing the following three .ie domains:-

  • post.ie
  • coop.ie
  • aero.ie

These names have previously been restricted from registration as they match other top-level domain extensions.

Following the .ie Policy Advisory Committee’s review of the policy change proposal to remove the registration restriction on .ie domain names that match TLD extensions, the Registry intends to release the three names above.

Phased Release

These domains will be released in three phases.

This follows the release model used for previous releases, such as 1 & 2 letter domains, and Internationalised domain names.

These phases are:-

1. Sunrise

Only certain trademark holders can apply during this 30-day phase.

This phase will launch at 09:00 (IST) on 8 May 2019.

The phase will end at 23:59 (IST) on 6 June 2019.


2. Landrush

If any of these three domains are not registered during Sunrise, they will be made available during this second 30-day registration phase, before going on general release in the third release phase.

Normal registration criteria applies.

See https://www.iedr.ie/uploads/IEDR-RegistrationNaming-.IE-Namespace.pdf

The provisional launch time and date for this phase is 09:00 (IST) on 25 June 2019 (this is subject to change if Sunrise auctions aren’t necessary. Any changes will be shared on this page).


3. General Availability

Any remaining domains not registered in either of the Sunrise or Landrush Phases will then go on general release.

The launch time and date will be confirmed in due course.

Normal pricing and registration requirements will apply.

See https://www.iedr.ie/uploads/IEDR-RegistrationNaming-.IE-Namespace.pdf

Interested in applying?

Contact an accredited .ie Registrar to register your interest.

What registration criteria applies in the Sunrise Phase?

Holders of the following trademarks will be accepted under this phase;

  • Irish trademarks,
  • European OHIM Community trademarks,
  • International trademarks designating Ireland,
  • UK trademarks where the registered company address on the trademark database is located within the Island of Ireland.

  • All applicants will be required to provide their trademark number. This will be verified by the IEDR’s Registration Services Team.
  • All rights must have been obtained prior to 7 December 2018.

The Domain Name applied for must be identical to all text or word elements contained in the eligible Trademark.

  • The recorded name of the trademark must be an identical match to the reported name, as long as the name of the trademark includes letters, words, numerals, keyboard signs, and punctuation marks (“Characters”) that are:
    • Predominant
    • Clearly separable or distinguishable from the device element
    • All predominant characters included in the Trademark Record provided in the Sunrise application are in the same order they appear in the mark.
  • A domain name containing a plural version of the mark is not considered to be an identical match, and such a mark will not be considered eligible during Sunrise.
  • If the trademark holder’s registered mark includes one or more spaces between letters, the spaces should be removed.
  • If the trademark holder’s registered mark includes a special character (such as -, @, !, §, %, ^, © or &), these characters should be

What happens if multiple, eligible applicants apply in the Sunrise or Landrush phases?

Auctions will be held.

The auction reserve will be set to €0.

The winning bidder will get to register the domain.

Auctions will be held using the SEDO auction platform.

Those applying for contested names will be informed of this, and given the required information for using the SEDO platform, within 14 days of the closing date for that phase

What registration criteria applies in the Landrush Phase?

Normal registration requirements will apply.

These are detailed in the .ie Registration and Naming Policy.

See https://www.iedr.ie/uploads/IEDR-RegistrationNaming-.IE-Namespace.pd

What registration criteria applies in the General Availability Phase?

Normal registration requirements will apply.

These are detailed in the .ie Registration and Naming Policy.

See https://www.iedr.ie/uploads/IEDR-RegistrationNaming-.IE-Namespace.pdf