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Whois Terms and Conditions


Use of the WHOIS by any means is subject to these terms and conditions: you may not access the WHOIS if you do not agree to them and you may only use the data returned by a WHOIS query if the use is permitted by these terms. If you send a WHOIS query to us (or cause one to be sent) you are representing to us that you agree to these terms.


Who we are

 The IE Domain Registry Limited (IEDR) is the registry for .ie Internet Domain Names and maintains the database of .ie registered Internet names. The IEDR ( is an independent not-for-profit organisation that manages the .ie country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) namespace in the public interest of the Irish and global Internet communities.


Our rights in the WHOIS

 The WHOIS database and underlying register are Database Right and Copyright © IE Domain Registry Limited, 2000 – 2009. All rights reserved.


How we provide the WHOIS

We provide the WHOIS free of charge through various channels, e.g. via our website and via queries to our whois server


Purpose of the WHOIS

  • The IEDR provides the WHOIS as a publicly viewable register solely to allow users to obtain information about the existence and status of the domain name and the identity of the registrant of the domain name for the general purposes set out below but always subject to the restrictions listed below.
  • The IEDR do not guarantee the accuracy or availability of the WHOIS records. Any WHOIS record provided is provided on an “as is” basis without any representations or warranties of any kind.
  • The IEDR are not liable for any damages or loss of any kind arising out of or in connection with the WHOIS or the records generated by the WHOIS or for any omissions or errors in the WHOIS records.


Use of WHOIS and data

You may not:

  • Re-package, compile, re-distribute or re-use any or all of the WHOIS database or data (unless you are a lawful user using an insubstantial part).
  • Use any or all of the WHOIS data for advertising or as part of a process of identifying entities, names or addresses for future advertising activity of any sort.
  • Use the WHOIS data for any purpose that may be unlawful under the Data Protection Act 1988.
  • Obscure, remove, hide or alter any part of the copyright notice and legal wording returned with a .ie WHOIS result.
  • Conduct queries of a nature, rate or volume prohibited by our acceptable use policy. Note that we record details about all whois queries for the purposes of detecting and preventing unacceptable use.


Control of the WHOIS

 The IEDR reserve the right to change the WHOIS records, or withdraw the service, at any time. The IEDR also reserve the right, at our discretion, to terminate or slow down your access to the WHOIS for any reason, particularly breach of the acceptable use policy or a failure to adhere to, or accept, these terms or any part of them.